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High-Performance CAN-Bus Cable for advanced engine control systems 

Hradil, the German specialist cable engineering firm, introduce a shielded High-Performance CAN-Bus Cable for engine and exhaust control systems of heavy-duty 12-cylinder diesel engines. Hradil’s CAN-Bus cable fulfils the demanding requirements set out in the Society of Automotive Engineers’ SAE 1939-11, SAE J1939-14 und SAE J1128 standards. In other words, it belongs to an elite few capable of meeting the exacting criteria. The cable is perfect for dynamic applications such as drag chains and it’s frequently the cable of choice for cranes, excavators, construction machinery and agricultural vehicles. It really comes into its own in environments such as mining, tunnel construction, oil drilling rigs or in the chemical industry. Owing to its special design the cable, can be relied on to resist high mechanical stresses and extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C up to +125°C.

Authors: Dede Bülbül, Managing Director and Head of Technology and Alfred F. Hradil, CEO

Hradil Can-Bus Cable

Fig. 1a: High-Performance CAN-Bus Cable for advanced engine control systems
(Click on image to enlarge / photomontage: Shutterstock.com and Hradil)

Fig. 1b: High-Performance CAN-Bus Cable for advanced engine control systems
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Hradil’s engineers have specifically developed the new High-Performance CAN-Bus cable for the purpose of managing heavy-duty diesel engines where fast data transmission and high transfer rates are of the essence. At 120 Oms its specific impedance characteristics, the Hradil CAN-Bus ensures optimal transmission rates with minimal signal reflection and losses.

The HRADIL CAN-Bus cable supports the transmission of sensor and diagnostic data as well as control data, such as engine rpm and temperature data as required by the parameter list defined in SAE J1939.

The Hradil CAN-Bus cable is compliant with the following SAE standards:

  • The SAE J1939-11 standard defines the physical layer for High-Speed CAN.
  • The SAE J1939-14 standard defines the physical layer for 500 kbps applications.
  • The SAE J1128 defines the requirements of low voltage primary cables of 60 VDC (25 VAC) or lower in surface vehicle electrical systems.


Hradil CAN-Bus Cable

Fig 2: High-Performance CAN-Bus cable
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Fig 3:  High-Performance CAN-Bus cable
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Its superior electrical characteristics aside, the cable achieves top scores thanks to its very high resistance against oil, petrol, most alkaline and acidic media as well as coolants and lubricants. Furthermore, as the cable was designed for outdoor use it is resistant against ozone and UV radiation. In addition, it is compliant with the fire protection standards IEC 60332-1-2 and UL94-VO thanks to its self-extinguishing and flame-retardant properties. The cable jacket was produced from a special compound resulting in above-average robustness and durability.  


Table: High-performance CAN bus cable - SAE testing parameters 





Dimensional  Conductor  SAE J1939-11  IEC 60228
  Insulation diameter  SAE J1939-11  EN 60811-201
  Insulation centricity  SAE J1128 SAE J1128
  Lay Length  SAE J1939-11  EN 60811
  Wall thickness SAE J1128 EN 60811-202
  Cable outer diameter SAE J1939-11  EN 60811-203
Thermal Cold bend test  SAE J1128  EN 60811-504
  Wrapping after thermal ageing SAE J1939-11  ISO 6722
Mechanical  Cable bend test  SAE J1939-11  SAE J1939-11 
  Pinch resistance  SAE J1128  SAE J1128 
  Sandpaper abrasion SAE J1128  SAE J1128 
  Strip force  SAE J1128  SAE J1128 
Electrical  Dielectric  SAE J1128  EN50289-1-3
  Conductor resistance  SAE J1939-11  EN50289-1-2
  Insulation resistivity SAE J1128  EN50305
  Capacitance SAE J1939-11  EN50289-1-5
Transmission Velocity of propagation  SAE J1939-14 EN50289-1-7
  Impedance SAE J1939-14 EN50289-1-11
EMC  Conversion loss customer req. EN 50289-1-9
  Transfer impedance SAE J1939-13 EN 62153-4-3
Conductor  Strand coating  SAE J1128 n.a.
  Solderability SAE J1128 EN 50396
Material  Mechanical properties SAE J1128 EN 60811-401
  Crosslinking  SAE J1127 n.a.
Fire Flame Propagation SAE J1128 EN 60332-1-2
Environmental  Fluid Compability SAE J1128 EN 50306-3
  Ozone Resistance SAE J1128 EN 60811-403
  Hot Water Restance SAE J1128 SAE J1128
  Climatic Cycling SAE J1128 SAE J1128

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