23.04.2020 | LÜTZE LCOS CC/CCI Art. Nr. 779100.1211

Intelligent current control, now in the LCOS system

The automation specialist LÜTZE, Weinstadt has expanded the successful LCOS housing system to include a 1-channel current control system with a 2-pole shutdown, which allows currents of DC 1 A to DC 10 A. The new LCOS CC/CCI current controls allow selective safeguarding of individual DC 24 V circuits that each have different shutdown behaviors.

In case of an overload or a short in DC 24 V circuits, the LÜTZE current control LCOS CC/CCI only shuts down the faulty current path without impacting on the supply. To meet the various industrial requirements relating to shutdown behavior, the LCOS modules allow five different characteristics to be set via a switch: fast, medium, slow 1, slow 2 and slow 3. The rated current range can be selected individually on the output side from 1 A to 10 A with a switch.


LÜTZE LCOS-CC/CCI DC 24 V / 10 A Intelligente Lastüberwachung mit 2-poliger Abschaltung

Fig.: LÜTZE LCOS CC/CCI DC 24 V / 10 A
Intelligent current control with 2-pole shutdown

The LCOS system has unique properties, for instance, the patented analogue trigger characteristics, the direct connection of the consumers with positive and negative to pluggable push-in terminals and, in particular, the 2-pole shutdown.

During 2-pole shutdown, the positive and negative supply for the current that is to be connected is shut down in case of a fault and then electrically isolated. This expands the application range to IT networks, and applications with more exacting requirements. This makes Lütze the only supplier of a highly intelligent complete solution - the LCOS system structure.

Other properties, such as a status message as an optical and electrical signal or even directly via the used field bus system, are also part of the system. The intelligent variant LCOS CCI can be used to display and set current and voltage values, meter readings, 90 % warnings or also variable thresholds for signaling.

The 2-pole switching LCOS modules round off the entire LCOS system and guarantee unlimited application thanks to the cULus and DNV-GL approvals.

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