21.09.2021 | LÜTZE Company Announcement

Cooperation between LÜTZE and the University of Stuttgart

The automation specialist LÜTZE, Weinstadt, has entered into a foundation agreement with the University of Stuttgart for the AirSTREAM wiring system.

The company Friedrich Lütze GmbH and the Institute for Building Energy, Thermal Engineering and Energy Storage (IGTE) of the University of Stuttgart have concluded a new foundation agreement. The earmarked funds serve to finance a doctorate in the field of energy-efficient control cabinet cooling. This cooperation aims to promote research in the field of thermal design and optimization of control cabinets. The research work serves as the basis for operating innovative and energy-efficient control cabinets with respect to the requirements of Industry 4.0. At the signing ceremony, the owner and CEO of the LUETZE INTERNATIONAL Group, Udo Lütze, emphasised how important it is for every company to have visions. He also mentioned that research and development has played an above-average role for LÜTZE since it was founded more than 60 years ago.

Unterzeichnung der Stiftungsvereinbarung zwischen LÜTZE und IGTE

Figure: Signing of the foundation agreement between LÜTZE and IGTE (from left to right Markus Schiefer (CFO, LÜTZE), Michael Bautz (PM Cabinet, LÜTZE), Martin Teufel (CEO, LÜTZE), Udo Lütze (owner LUETZE INTERNATIONAL Group), Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Stergiaropoulos (head of IGTE), Daniel Haag (IGTE), Dimitrios Koutrouvis (head of R&D, LÜTZE), Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Heidemann (IGTE)

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Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Stergiaropoulos, head of the IGTE, praised the remarkable mindset of the Weinstadt control cabinet specialist: "LÜTZE thinks in the long-term and that is not common in the industry. This partnership also actively promotes a new approach in the research field." According to Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Heidemann at IGTE, the Institute has enjoyed successful cooperation in the field of control cabinet cooling for more than 10 years: "This means we are able to help young researchers on their self-development journey".

Martin Teufel, CEO of Friedrich Lütze GmbH adds: "The industry needs to rethink its approach and take climate change and the energy revolution seriously. Thanks to the longstanding successful cooperation with the IGTE, research work and the creative skills of the Institute flow continuously into our product development. This cooperation has enabled LÜTZE to become a market leader in the field of thermodynamics in control cabinets with its AirSTREAM wiring system."


Background AirSTREAM Control cabinet wiring

The duct-free AirSTREAM wiring system allows the climate in the control cabinet to be improved so that the active cooling output can be minimized. In contrast to conventional control cabinet designs with mounting plates, the design is separated from the wiring level in the AirSTREAM and cable ducts that impair the flows are avoided. Permanent air circulation is generated between the warmer wiring front side and the cooler wiring rear side.

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