IP69K fitting bush with a hinged lid

The automation specialist LÜTZE, Weinstadt is extending its portfolio of accessories for control cabinets and control panels, to include the compact PANELCON fitting bushes with a transparent hinged lid.

The new LÜTZE PANELCON fitting bushes can be used to produce very tight, attractive transfer points and service interfaces. The transparent hinged lid makes handling much easier in practice. Firstly, the respective connection type is clearly visible below the hinged lid. Also, the lid has a defined closed and open state, and audibly engages and disengages. On request, the hinged lid can be sealed to prevent unauthorized access. An additional description plate can be attached to the female connector. Alternatively, LÜTZE supplies the new PANELCON fitting bushes in four variants: For connectors with RJ 45 Cat. 6A, RJ 45 Cat. 5e, USB 3.0 (female/female) and USB 3.0 (female/cable). 


Fig.: PANELCON panel connector by LÜTZE with a transparent hinged lid

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The PANELCON fitting bushes are made of a very hard and impact-resistant material. The housing seal is attached with a two-component mould and therefore cannot be separated, making it permanently connected to the housing. When closed, a seal rated at IP69K can be reached which means it can be used outdoors - even if a steam jet is used, the PANELCON fitting bush remains tight.

The hinged lids are made of a transparent material. The female connector below it, e.g. RJ 45 or USB, is therefore easy to recognize. The user can immediately see at several interfaces on the control cabinet, which connection is relevant for their work. The hinged lid can be opened completely and clicks into position at an angle of 110°. When connecting a plug, nothing is in the way and the lid does not press onto the inserted plug.

It is also very easy to install the PANELCON fitting bushes. The LÜTZE panel connectors have a standard fit of 22.5 mm which corresponds to the standard cut-out for buttons and switches. It can be installed with just one hand. When fed in from the front, flexible nubs on the thread prevent the panel connector from slipping out again. Then the locknut is attached and tightened from inside of the cabinet. A coding nose that is attached in the middle of the front of the fitting bush ensures that the bush is positioned precisely in the cut-out, and cannot twist when being tightened.

Secure access to machines for maintenance, service and updates is becoming more and more important with the growth of automation and digitalization. The new LÜTZE PANELCON panel connectors with a hinged lid are ideally suited for this purpose. 


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