IO link Gateway for the LÜTZE LOCC-Box

Automation specialist LÜTZE in Weinstadt, Germany is expanding the intelligent current control, LOCC-Box, with an IO-Link gateway for connecting up to 15 LOCC-Box Net modules. 

The IO-Link gateway provides a wide range of valuable functions, such as advanced energy management, reading current status information like flowing current or operating voltage, as well as remote control and parameterization of all connected LOCC-Box Net modules. Each LOCC-Box can be individually configured and controlled. Changes can also be made for the entire set of LOCC-Box units. 

Fig.: LÜTZE expands its LOCC-Box product family to include an IO-Link Gateway

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The LOCC-Box (LÜTZE Overload Current Control) has now become a quasi standard in the control cabinets of many industrial companies with regard to overload and short-circuit control. With the IO-Link Gateway, LÜTZE is adding a module to its LOCC-Box portfolio that shares the same compact construction width of 8.1 mm as the LOCC-Box Net modules themselves. When interconnected, the LOCC-Boxes and the IO-LINK Gateway create a robust and organized appearance. The position of the gateway within the structure is not critical; it can be positioned at any location. The modules on the DIN rail are wired using bridges (jumpers) with Push-In connection technology, following the motto "plug instead of wire". In addition to the I/O Link interface, the gateway also features a USB interface, through which all relevant status information, such as the current flowing current and operating voltage, can be read using the free LOCC-Pads software. 

LOCC-BOX background

Thanks to the patented trigger behavior along five defined characteristic curves, the LOCC-Box allows the creation of selective voltage supplies. In the event of an error, only the affected circuits are shut down, and the other unaffected circuits can continue to function. The system stores errors and thereby prevents the reoccurrence of the same malfunction the next time it is switched on. Errors are reported to various field bus systems either by means of hardware or via a gateway. LÜTZE offers the LOCC-Box in various versions, including C2Net, LOCC-Box-FB with up to 50 configuration options, the LOCC-Box-Net for communication across different fieldbuses, or the entry-level model, LOCC-Box-EC. Furthermore, the LOCC-Box M is available as an extremely compact miniature version. The LOCC-Box therefore epitomizes the latest generation of Industry 4.0 technology.

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