New videoblog about energy efficiency and sustainability 

The control cabinet and automation specialist Friedrich Lütze, based in Weinstadt, Germany has launched a new 360° videoblog focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability, and technical innovation. Host Michael Bautz, engages in conversations with his guests in this new video format, discussing new sustainable developments within and outside the control cabinet industry, as well as current research findings. The self-contained episodes provide inspiration, convey expertise, and offer valuable tips and guidance. The videoblog features as guests, specialists from the field of technology and research. 

In the initial episodes, the topics covered include demand-based control cabinet cooling, resource conservation and CO2 reduction, as well as theoretical assessment of control cabinet cooling to determine potential optimizations.  Joining as a guest is Daniel Haag from the Institute of Building Energy, Thermotechnology, and Energy Storage at the University of Stuttgart. 

Fig 1.: In the initial episodes of the LÜTZE 360° videoblog, host Michael Bautz engages in a conversation with his guest Daniel Haag from the University of Stuttgart, discussing demand-based control cabinet cooling. 

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New episodes of the LÜTZE 360° videoblog will be released regularly every 3-4 weeks on the LÜTZE YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/luetzesolutions and on the LÜTZE homepage at www.luetze.de.

Michael Bautz, Product Manager Cabinet at Friedrich Lütze GmbH


Fig. 2: LÜTZE 360° Videoblog about energy efficiency, sustainability and technical innovation 

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