Modular and Universal: New PANELCON Keystone Panel pass through connector

Automation specialist Lütze, based in Weinstadt, Germany introduces the modular IP69K IP69K Panel pass through connector, PANELCON Keystone. Various industrial-grade interfaces are available depending on the requirements and applications. LÜTZE offers 20 different modules, including RJ45 Cat.6A, USB 3.0A, USB 3.1C, and HDMI. The PANELCON Keystone system boasts a compact design, low installation depth, and an attractive price-performance ratio. 

The Lütze PANELCON Keystone system, with a mounting size of PG 21, is suitable for creating high-quality and industrial-grade transfer points and service interfaces in control panels and panels. Despite its small size, the new Panel pass through connector offer a high degree of protection with an IP 69K rating. Thanks to a transparent hinged cover, the interface below is easily visible at a glance. The cover clicks into place at around 110°, providing unobstructed access to the interface. To prevent unauthorized access, it can be sealed with a lead seal. Additionally, standard labeling is possible with an identification plate. 

Lütze Wanddurchführungssystem PANELCON Keystone

Fig: Diverse possibilities with the IP69K PANELCON Panel pass through connector featuring Keystone modules, including USB 3.1C, USB 3.0A, and RJ45 Cat. 6A.

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LÜTZE Keystone inserts are available with either straight or angled cable outlets. The angled version, where the cable exits sideways, has the advantage of a reduced installation depth of only 30 mm compared to the previous straight version with 70 mm. This angled installation variant can be used in very shallow panels. 

Lütze provides PANELCON for the most common interfaces in the industrial environment, including RJ45 Cat.6A, USB 3.0 (A/A, A/B, B/A), USB 3.1C, or HDMI interfaces. There is also a special variant for self-terminating a Cat. 6A patch cable without the need for special tools. All Keystone modules are of high quality and meet industrial standards, including a minimum of 500 mating cycles. In addition to robustness, emphasis is placed on high EMC protection values, such as the Cat. 6A module made of high-quality zinc die-cast material.

Lütze also offers pre-configured Keystone installation modules with cables in standard lengths of 0.5m, 1.5m, 3m, and 5m. Other Keystone interfaces are available upon request.

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