2-in-1 solution for device mounting in the control cabinet

Automation specialist Lütze, based in Weinstadt, Germany is expanding its accessory portfolio for the AirSTREAM and AirSTREAM Compact wiring frames with a flexibly deployable cage sliding nut, specifically designed for use with the SR032 mounting rail. 

Image: The new cage sliding nuts for LÜTZE AirSTREAM and AirSTREAM Compact wiring frames.

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The new cage sliding nut combines two previously separate mounting functions in one product. On the one hand, it allows easy snapping into the sliding nut channel of the SR032 mounting rail. And on the other hand, there is the option to pivot it laterally into the cages of the mounting rail. The first option is ideal for retrofitting AirSTREAM modules, consisting of rails including brackets or supports, into existing control cabinet configurations.  After snapping into the sliding nut channel, the sliding nuts can be freely positioned, with an integrated spring securely fixing the nut. This allows AirSTREAM brackets, rail profiles, and EMC modules to be continuously or double-mounted on the SR032 mounting rail. In the case of the AirSTREAM Compact wiring frame, supports can be mounted on the SR032 mounting rail instead of brackets. Variant two, the cage option, is particularly suitable for easy mounting of the AirSTREAM frame in a control cabinet. The cage nuts are snapped into the cages, over which the adaptation angles can then be attached.

The new AirSTREAM cage sliding nuts greatly facilitate control cabinet assembly, both in new builds and in retrofitting components. An additional advantage is that only one component instead of two needs to be kept in stock. The new cage sliding nuts are equipped with M6 threads, allowing effortless mounting of adapter angles, hook-and-loop tape sockets, or custom customer components with M6 screws.

The new cage nuts comply with all relevant tests and type approvals according to DIN 61439 and CE directives. These include high-current tests, vibration-shock tests, and short-circuit resistance. The new cage sliding nuts are available from stock.

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