AirTEMP 2.0 Temperature simulation with import function for EPLAN parts lists

With AirTEMP 2.0, practical heat forecasts can be generated for control cabinets equipped with LÜTZE AirSTREAM wiring systems. Thanks to this online tool, the most effective measures for demand-based cooling can be swiftly and easily identified. Given the tight time budgets in planning, and the need for detailed temperature analysis for each switch cabinet according to type verification (Chapter 10.10), the latest update of AirTEMP 2.0 offers a time-saving and practical solution. 

Image: The latest update of AirTEMP 2.0 enables the import of EPLAN parts lists, and the generation of type proofs compliant with EN 61439 (Chapter 10.10 | Temperature limits) 

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Users can download the parts list and geometry data of a project using EPLAN Pro Panel, and import them into AirTEMP 2.0. Subsequently, missing power specifications can be easily added to perform a comprehensive calculation. Additionally, the tool allows determining the duty cycle behavior at the component level, where the simultaneity factor can be individually set based on the power consumption of the individual components. Temperatures and stratifications are automatically calculated, making the design of the cooling concept simple and extremely precise. At the end, all components are listed in the certificate, which also contains the most important data.

For simulations with the revised AirTEMP 2.0, all relevant control cabinet parameters are queried in structured steps. This includes geometries, installation and environmental parameters, as well as all installed components, modules, fans, and active cooling media. By considering the simultaneity factor, the simulation can take into account, as to what extent components work simultaneously, emit power, and thus increase or decrease the maximum heat development.

All control cabinet parameters can be documented in compliance with EN 61439 (Chapter 10.10 | Temperature Rise) for the purpose of proof of design. With the new AirTEMP 2.0, simulations can be produced for control cabinets with LÜTZE AirSTREAM wiring frames, as well as for AirSTREAM Compact wiring frames. Calculations are also possible for cabinets with mounting plates, although with the limitation that thermal simulation can only be conducted with natural cooling. 

The AirTEMP is free to use and available to all control cabinet builders and planners.

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