02.08.2018 | LÜTZE LCOS Buskoppler 778000.1301

Bus coupler for load monitoring LCOS-CCI and LOCC-Box-Net

The automation specialist LÜTZE, Weinstadt expands the LCOS bus coupler for universal plug options. In addition to the electronic load sensors of the LCOS-CCI family, the widespread LOCC-Box-Net components can now also be used.

The new bus couplers by LÜTZE not only operate the electronic LCOS fuse components, but also all intelligent units of the LCOS series and the LOCC-Box-Net components that have been successful for many years. PROFINET-IO is available as compatible bus interface. Remote diagnosis via TCP/IP is possible round the clock via a separate Ethernet interface.


LCOS-Buskoppler für universelle Einsatzoptionen

Fig.: LCOS bus coupler for universal plug options


Core benefits of the new LÜTZE LCOS bus couplers include two electrically insulated RJ45 female connectors, an electrically insulated DC 24V supply and 2 configuration interfaces, website and USB. Connected configurations are automatically imported. Up to 64 participants and/or up to 80 external LOCC-Box-Net modules can be switched on the bus in line. The USB communication is supplied using USB specification 2.0 with 480 Mbit/s (USB-High-Speed). There are LED status displays including power, run and status.

About the LCOS housing system.

Open, modular, universal.

With the LCOS, LÜTZE has developed an IP20 housing system that can be used as a system-integrated or a stand-alone solution. LCOS can be extended into a complete modular input-output system through tool-free plug-in data or energy modules. The LCOS electronic housing is based on a device carrier that holds the separate housings or the plug-in function units. The patented four-wire bus allows the field side to be supplied with up to 16 current per conductor, which is A rated. This enables three-phase functions with an operating voltage of 500 V or also 24 V applications with a current load of DC 32 A. The LÜTZE LCOS electronic housing can be used worldwide with its UL-approval.


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