13.11.2020 |  DIOLINE PLC compact control unit with TRDP | LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION | An item of the DIOLINE PLC family

DIOLINE PLC compact rail control unit now also with Train Real-Time Data Protocol

The rail technology specialist LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION has upgraded the proven compact control DIOLINE PLC to allow the addition of a further fieldbus, the Train Real-Time Data Protocol (TRDP), by means of an optional firmware update.

LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION supplies a reliable and universal-use control technology for decentralized I/O tasks in railways vehicles with their DIOLINE PLC compact control. In addition to the fieldbuses MVB, CAN, RS 485 and SAE J1939, the Ethernet-protocols Ethernet/IP and TCP/IP are also supported. As required, the rail vehicle manufacturer and rail operator can now receive every DIOLINE PLC variant with the TRDP function, by means of the new firmware. On request, LÜTZE can also supply the DIOLINE PLC with or without TRDP. A recent addition is an expansion that includes a PROFIBus master or slave fieldbus interface, so that the components can also be used as a gateway between the fieldbus worlds.


Fig.: A firmware update allows the addition of the fieldbus interface TRDP to the DIOLONE PLC control unit by LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION

Fig.: A firmware update allows the addition of the fieldbus interface TRDP to the DIOLONE PLC control unit by LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION. 

The DIOLINE PLC compact control units by LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION have been used across the world for many years and were specially developed for the tough conditions in rail vehicles. The controls are freely programmable in a convenient IEC 61131-3 development environment and have a LÜTZE L-bus interface for the connection of local I/O modules. The controls can either take on additional control tasks as gateways or be used as full subsystem control. Amongst other things, the DIOLINE PLC is used to monitor and control air conditioning systems, wet cells, fire fighting systems and powerpack control units. LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION introduced an optional expansion that includes the fieldbus interface TRDP in response to technological changes in the rail vehicle automation field: the trend is moving away from using many different kinds of proprietary protocols and different end devices in rail vehicles, towards standardization in network communication. The TRDP also opens up additional options for future TSN -based (Time Sensitive Network) train networks with possible application areas for real-time audio/video streams and control streams in real-time.

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