Solid state relay for rail equipment | LÜTZE Art. No. 816002.0024, 816002.0110

Power package with 7 Ampere
Rail equipment specialist LÜTZE Transportation, Weinstadt expands the Microcompact relay series to include a new powerful solid state relay for switching loads up to 7 amps.

Today many modern rail vehicles are equipped with a 110 V battery network. The problem: When switching inductive loads, mechanical relays often reach their technical limits very quickly. Whilst a conventional relay is able to switch an inductive load of around 0.2 A at 110 V, the new LÜTZE solid state relay is now able to switch inductive and ohmic loads up to 7 A. LÜTZE supplies the solid state relay in two versions: firstly, with a control voltage of DC 24-110 V and secondly with DC 72-110 V. The LÜTZE solid state relay can also be used with all standard voltages on rail vehicles. The LÜTZE 7 A solid state relay is designed according to all relevant rail standards such as EN 50155, EN 50121, EN 50124, EN 61373 and the European Fire Protection Standard EN 45545-2. Because of the very narrow width of just 12.5 mm, it can be used in all control cabinets.

Lütze Superflex Cat6

Fig.: A power package for rail technology
7 A solid state relay by LÜTZE Transportation.

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The new LÜTZE solid state relay is protected against short circuits and over-heating on the output side. A status output and a status-LED indicate when a current flow exceeds 0.5 A. This means that a connected load with a broken wire can be monitored. The working temperature range of the solid state relay is -40°C to +70°C. The LÜTZE solid state relay is installed in a sturdy PC-ABS housing and therefore satisfies the European Fire Protection Standard EN 45545-2. The new solid state relay is suitable for mounting on DIN rails TS35. The 7 A solid state relay by LÜTZE Transportation supplements the 10 A relay for DC 24 V circuits that is supplied in the same housing.

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