18.04.2023 | Safety Input Modul | Art. No. 803305

More safety on the tracks

Rail equipment specialist LÜTZE Transportation introduces LION-SAFE AI, a secure expansion module with four analog inputs. The LÜTZE input module offers a significantly extended measuring range from -30 to +30 mA, as well as the additional output of intelligent diagnostic data per channel. Typical applications can be found on metro trains, locomotives and motor vehicles for processing safety data, such as pressure and temperature sensor data. The LÜTZE input module is characterized by its robust and durable aluminum construction, as well as its space-saving installation depth. 

Picture: LION-SAFE-AI is a secure expansion module with four analog inputs for the measuring range of -30 mA to +30 mATRDP LIN Gateway der LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION für die LOCC-Box Rail

Picture: LION-SAFE-AI is a secure expansion module with four analog inputs for the measuring range of -30 mA to +30 mA 

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The four analog inputs of the LION-SAFE AI module capture sensor signals in the typical and calibrated application range of 4 to 20 mA. The physical measuring range has been significantly expanded and now ranges from -30 mA to +30 mA. Based on this extended measuring range, intelligent diagnostic information can now be processed. This means that on the one hand, a fault message no longer needs to be automatically generated in the event of a temporary overstepping of the 4 to 20 mA limit. n the other hand, the channel status can be indicated via an LED, showing in which measuring range the currently measured sensor data are located, and whether they are outside or within the permissible range. This in turn enables conclusions to be drawn about the functionality of the connected sensor. 

Each of the four analog channels can be individually configured in four stages via an input filter. This allows certain unwanted signals, such as short pulses and flickering, to be filtered out. 

With its space-saving dimensions of 66 x 160 x 63 mm, the LION SAFE AI module is suitable for mounting on a hat rail in enclosed electrical operating areas, or for installation in the driver's cab and passenger compartments of vehicles. The LION SAFE AI module is approved for worldwide use and complies with the standards according to SIL 2 (EN 50129, EN 50128, EN 50126). 

About the LION platform

LION stands for LÜTZE Input Output Network and has been designed and developed especially for use on rail vehicles in applications up to SIL2. The modular construction allows the user to adapt the configuration of the I/O station at the corresponding deployment area by connecting very different modules, and combining functionalities depending on the task. The selection includes voltage supplies, bus couplers, and digital and analog modules with safe and non-safe inputs and outputs. Communication takes place via the L-Bus2


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