12.09.2018 | DC/DC converter as a charger for the rail equipment | LÜTZE Part- No. 819005 & 819009

USB chargers provide convenience for train passengers.

Rail technology specialist LÜTZE Transportation offers USB chargers for railway applications with 1.5 A charging current suitable for the passenger area.

With the new USB chargers from LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION, two separate mobile devices can be charged at the same time. Two USB-A interfaces provide a charging current of 1.5 A each. The proper charging function is indicated via a green LED. On the input side, the USB charger is operated with DC 24 V on-board voltage. The installation of the USB chargers is done easily with a single-hole installation. A plug-in spring-type terminal with two terminal points per pole is available as connection. Thus, multiple chargers can be connected in parallel in a simple and easy way without the use of terminal blocks.   


Bahntaugliche USB-Ladegeräte der LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION

Fig.: Railway application suitable USB chargers by LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION for the passenger area include an IP 65 version with a protective cap.


The USB chargers from LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION are 100% suitable for rail applications and meet all standards regarding shock, vibration, EMC, fire and smoke requirements. Also, both charging ports are protected against short circuit and overload situations.

The USB charger can be operated continuously in a temperature range of -40°C to +70°C. LÜTZE Transportation offers the USB charger also in an IP 65 version with a protective cap.


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