05.09.2018 | LÜTZE Transportation GmbH at the INNOTRANS 2018 Hall 6.2/203 LOCC-Box Rail | Art. No. 819501

Intelligent current control for rail applications

Rail component specialist LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION launches the LOCC-Box Rail, an intelligent current monitoring device for 12 V and 24 V circuits.

The single-channel LOCC-Box Rail (Lütze Overload Current Control) monitors and switches off only the affected circuits in the event of a fault. Unaffected circuits can continue to operate independently without any interference. In addition to device and circuit protection functions, LOCC-Box can also perform energy management tasks. A digital input allows for remote on/off and reset of the device and is especially suitable for installations in hard to access areas such as under the floor or on the roof. Extensive range of accessories such as supply sets and jumper combs help with cabling optimization. The current range of the LOCC-Box Rail can be set in increments of 1 A between DC 1 A and DC 10 A. LOCC-Box Rail has a modular design and housing width of only 8.1 mm, compared to 17.5 mm of standard circuit breakers, adapts even for use in constricted control cabinets.


Intelligente bahntaugliche Stromüberwachung

Fig.: Intelligent rail application current control with the LÜTZE LOCC-Box Rail


Five different characteristics can be set by a rotary switch found on the front of the housing: fast, medium, slow-1, -2 and -3. Green and red LED indicate different operating functions, e.g. 90% or 100% load, or fault. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +70°C.

The LOCC-Box Rail by LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION is 100% suitable for rail applications and meets all standards regarding shock and vibration, EMC and fire and smoke. LOCC-Box Net Rail with various field bus gateways for Ethernet TRDP or CANopen is coming soon.


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