25.07.2018 | LÜTZE Transportation GmbH at the INNOTRANS 2018 Hall 6.2 | Stand 203 DC/DC converters rail technology | Art. No. 819007 36 W | Art. No. 819004 15 W

Multi-talents for rail applications

Rail technology specialist LÜTZE Transportation launches two new DC/DC converters with 15 and 36 Watt plus wide range voltage input, whose output voltage can be set between 5, 12, 15 and 24 V using the DIP switches.

Instead of having to stock a large number of DC/DC converters with a fixed output voltage in the production, railway companies now only need the new LÜTZE converter. LÜTZE converters have a wide range voltage input of DC 24V to 110V making them suitable for different rail onboard supplies in diesel and also electrical vehicles. A status output indicates short circuit or over temperature. If an error is detected, the output voltage is switched off until the power supply is reconnected. These two very compact converters adapt to the space available in control cabinets and can be simply clipped onto the hat profile.


Fig.: DC/DC converter by LÜTZE Transportation with wide range voltage input and settable output voltage of 5 V – 24 V


These two new DC/DC converters by LÜTZE Transportation can also be used for easy activation of large load capacities. All potentials are galvanically insulated from each other. Reinforced insulation ensures a high insulation resistance.


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