19.07.2018 | LÜTZE Transportation GmbH at the INNOTRANS 2018 Hall 6.2/203 LCON ALSA Analogue/Analogue Limit Switch, Art.-No. 817022 | LCON TLSA Temperature/Analogue Limit Switch | Art.-No. 817023

Threshold switch for rail applications with a much larger range of functions

Rail equipment specialist LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION presents its LCON Rail Infinity which has two programmed threshold switches including converters for highly precise analogue and temperature signals.

LCON RAIL INFINITY threshold switches follow the 'all-in-one' principle of state-of-the-art equipment in the rail sector: For instance, LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION is the first company ever to supply combination units that integrate two potential-free threshold switches DC 110 V / 1.5 A as well as a very precise analogue output in one casing. This multitalent offers important benefits to manufacturers and operators: in addition to space savings in the control cabinet and the fact that much less wiring work is required, only one product type needs to be kept on stock in production. Ultimately, the LCON threshold switches offer considerable price savings that should not be underestimated compared to the purchase of individual units. Which is why the LCON Rail Infinity is also suitable for rail companies that do not even need threshold switches but are looking for a converter that is operated e.g. with 110 V and can measure voltages up to 300 V. LÜTZE LCON threshold switches have a wide range power supply of DC 24V to 110V making them suitable for use in different rail onboard supplies across the globe.


LCON Rail Infinity Schwellwertschalter

Fig.: LCON Rail Infinity threshold switches with a larger range of functions


LÜTZE TRANSPORTATION has two threshold switch models: one as an analogue/analogue threshold switch (ALSA) and one as a temperature/analogue threshold switch (TLSA).

The LCON Rail Infinity analogue/analogue threshold switch has measuring input for voltages up to AC/DC 300 V and currents up to AC/DC 10 A (True RMS), and is suitable for e.g. monitoring batteries in vehicles with 110 V onboard supplies. The temperature/analogue limit switch is also suitable for monitoring the temperature of axle bearings and has measuring inputs for PT100/PT1000 with 2, 3 or 4-wire, thermal elements, potentiometer and resistors.

The threshold switches can be configured using the free FDT/DTM software. The configuration can be loaded onto the unit via a USB service cable. Both threshold switches have a galvanic 5-way isolation.


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