Murrplastik at InnoTrans 2012
Hall 13, booth 301
Product premiere for INNOTRANS: switch cabinet cabling for railway engineering

Cable entry system KDL Jumbo with IP65.
The rugged KDL Jumbo cable entry system is equipped with an “impossible-to-lose”, stepped sealing system for preassembled cables up to 65 mm in diameter.

The new KDL Jumbo cable entry system from Oppenweiler-based Murrplastik Systemtechnik is a completely separable system that enables preassembled cables to be routed through openings and sealed securely without first needing to remove the plug. KDL Jumbo enables the simple installation of heavy and inflexible cables up to 65 mm in diameter.

Lütze Superflex Cat6

Picture 1: Picture 1: KDL Jumbo enables preassembled cables to be routed through openings and sealed securely without first needing to remove the plug.
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KDL Jumbo comes equipped with a separable sleeve that has a built-in strain relief system. Cable ties can be used on the interior of the cabinet to further improve strain relief performance. Other plus points offered by KDL Jumbo include the stepped sealing system on the sleeves, featuring a staggered array of sealing lips of different sizes, plus the “impossible-to-lose”, foamed seal on the frame.

The new sealing technology offers two decisive advantages to users. First, the high seal strength, which is guaranteed to IP65. This makes KDL Jumbo ideal for deployment in the harsh conditions found on rail vehicles. In addition, cables with diameters varying by 5 mm can also be routed through. The advantage: for cable diameters of e.g. 30–35 mm, this means only a single KDL Jumbo sleeve size needs to be inserted during manufacture.

Lütze Superflex Cat6

Picture 2: Sleeves for KDL Jumbo are available in seven size variants, from 30 mm to 65 mm.
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Sleeves for KDL Jumbo are available in seven size variants, for the following cable diameters: 30–35 mm, 35–40mm, 40–45 mm, 45–50 mm, 50–55 mm, 55–60 mm and 60–65 mm.

KDL Jumbo meets requirements for fire classification V0 (UL94), is licensed for use both with German (DIN 5510-2) and French (NF F 16-101) rail transport systems, and also has type approval from Germanischer Lloyd (12 449 – 10 HH). KDL Jumbo can be deployed within a temperature range of -30 to +100° C and is resistant to weak acids and bases, fuels, alcohols, mineral oils and lubricants.

The KDL Jumbo cable entry system for preassembled cables reduces significantly reduces installation time. The key advantage: the plug no longer needs to be removed. Simply fit one half of the sleeve to each frame half, wrap around the cable, screw together and then bolt onto the housing. Job done! If your system also needs labelling, then this can be completed in just a few seconds with Murrplastik’s slottable label plates.

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About Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH

Since its foundation in 1976, Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH has been one of the pioneers for high-tech plastic products. In 1984 the first open cable drag chain was patented in Oppenweiler. In 1986 Murrplastik Systemtechnik developed the first computer-aided labelling system for single wires, clamps and control gear. In 1993 Murrplastik Systemtechnik introduced the first cable entry systems. The latest development from the Swabian engineers caused quite a stir all over world: The first magnetic energy supply cables For the first time, travelling distances are now possible without contact between the upper and lower chain sections. This serves to eliminate wear and tear.

Up to now Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH has registered over 100 patents. This is enabled by an innovation culture that is deeply rooted in the company from apprentice level right up to the development department. Gaining the competitive edge through innovative means is one of the guiding principles of Murrplastik Systemtechnik. Murrplastik products are sold via branches in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, USA and China as well as representatives in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.


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