Switch cabinet cabling – three times as fast.
A recent study by the German REFA industry association confirms that switch cabinet cabling using the KDP/N cable entry plate from Murrplastik can be up to three times faster than when using conventional cable glands. Figures from Murrplastik demonstrate that savings of several hundred working hours per year are possible for a mid-sized enterprise.

In recent years, KDP/N cable entry plates from Oppenweiler-based Murrplastik Systemtechnik have made many pioneering breakthroughs and offer considerable advantages over conventional cable glands. Not surprisingly! Delivering a tight seal with an IP65 protection class, a KDP/N cable entry plate from Murrplastik can be installed in no time at all and almost tool-free. Due to the very high packing densities, approx. 50% less space is required, which enables higher numbers of cables to be connected over the same area. Overall, less space is therefore needed. The above-mentioned report used ergonomic analysis to compare assembly completion times for 22 cable entry tasks when using conventional cable glands and when using the KDP/N 24/22 cable entry plate variant. The result was surprisingly clear: assembly using the cable entry plate is an astonishing 3 times faster. To put it another way: while assembly with the cable entry plate tales about 9 minutes, the time required for conventional cable entry systems is around 33 minutes. An executive summary of the REFA study can be downloaded free of charge from www.murrplastik.de/downloads/refastudie2012.pdf.

Author: Michael Braun, Product Management, Cable Entry and Cable Holding Systems

Picture 1: According to the REFA study, the KDP/N 24/22 is clearly superior to conventional cable glands. Tool-less assembly in a much shorter space of time plus a smaller footprint all speak in favour of the cable entry plate.

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When compared to switch cabinet cabling using conventional cable glands, we know that it’s much faster to install a KDP/N. But just how much faster is it?

Thanks to an independent study conducted by REFA, Murrplastik’s engineers have now managed to obtain exact figures on the time advantage conferred by the KDP/N. For the study, the REFA engineers used a typical application assignment requiring the installation of 22 pieces of cabling into a standard switching cabinet. The calculation of assembly times utilised the basic principles of REFA methodology as applied across German business in the skilled trades, heavy industry, production and administration. A total of 6 assembly jobs were completed.

During assembly with conventional cable entry systems, there were all sorts of “time wasters”:



  • Mark and punch-mark all drilled holes

  • Pre-drill, drill and deburr all of the holes as required

  • Punch out the holes and remove punchings

  • Place cable glands in the cabinet wall and use the locking nut to fix in place from the cabinet interior


With the KDP/N cable entry plate, it was a quite different story. Instead of drilling countless holes, just one slot needs to be cut into the switch cabinet for the KDP/N. Once ready, the KDP/N is slotted in, pressed once to lock it in place – and that’s it.

Inserting the cables also takes much less time with the KDP/N. To insert each cable, a hole is pre-cut in the KPD’s plate: after inserting the cable, the fitter simply tugs briefly in the opposite direction to activate the self-closing mechanism. The technical basis for this Murrplastik’s patented technology for pre-cuts. Two elastomer plates are located between two housing parts: these plates provide the necessary strain relief for the cable while also sealing the housing against environmental factors – to protection class IP65. To seal off this connection point after removing the cable, the integrated sealing plug is pressed back gently into its initial position. Important for proper installation: KDP/N cable entry plates can be labelled individually.


Installation scenario

22 cables with conventional cable glands

22 cables with cable entry plate



Time in minutes

Time in minutes

Difference in minutes

Difference in percent

Overall (all work steps, incl. set-up time)





Prepare holes/cut-outs in cabinet





Install system in cabinet





Install cabling into system






Table: Overview of figures provided by REFA study.


Potential savings with KDP/N of several hundred working hours.

When compared to the corresponding number of cable glands, a KDP/N cable entry plate does have a higher cost of procurement. But these costs are very quickly offset. The reductions to working time translate directly into cash savings: the results from the REFA study confirm that the overall process for conventional switch cabinet cabling requires 33 minutes, as opposed to about 9 minutes with the KDP/N cable entry plate. If we assume that a system fitter in a mid-sized company wires 10 cabinets per day, then time savings of 240 minutes (i.e. 4 hours) a day – or 1,280 hours a year – are realistic with 320 working days a year. Does this mean the end of traditional cable entry systems? Assuredly not – since cable entry tasks that require a higher protection class than IP65 have no option but to utilise conventional cable glands.

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Since its foundation in 1976, Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH has been one of the pioneers for high-tech plastic products. In 1984 the first open cable drag chain was patented in Oppenweiler. In 1986 Murrplastik Systemtechnik developed the first computer-aided labelling system for single wires, clamps and control gear. In 1993 Murrplastik Systemtechnik introduced the first cable entry systems. The latest development from the Swabian engineers caused quite a stir all over world: The first magnetic energy supply cables For the first time, travelling distances are now possible without contact between the upper and lower chain sections. This serves to eliminate wear and tear.

Up to now Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH has registered over 100 patents. This is enabled by an innovation culture that is deeply rooted in the company from apprentice level right up to the development department. Gaining the competitive edge through innovative means is one of the guiding principles of Murrplastik Systemtechnik. Murrplastik products are sold via branches in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, USA and China as well as representatives in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia


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