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Fire protection for Murrplastik KDP cable entry plates | Use on railway vehicles

30 minutes that can save lives.
With a new fire protection material, Murrplastik KDP cable entry plates meet the DIN EN 45545-2 standard for fire protection on railway vehicles.

Cable entry systems are used to run cables from one room to another or into a control cabinet. But in the event of fire, fire and smoke can spread through the cables and cable entry systems. For all KDP cable entry plates – both metal and plastic – Murrplastik Systemtechnik, Oppenweiler now offers an optional fire protection plate, which is fixed behind the cable entry. In the event of fire, the openings in the cable entry systems are sealed against fire, extending the functional integrity of the lines by 30 minutes (E30) in accordance with DIN EN 1363-1.


Figure: 30 minutes that can save lives on a railway vehicle. With the fire protection plate from Murrplastik

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Mats based on expandable graphite as fire protection material

The operating principle of the new fire protection plates from Murrplastik is basically very simple. In the event of a fire – or from a temperature of 160 °C to be more precise – a material based on expandable graphite incorporated into the fire protection plate expands by up to forty times its original volume. The material expands uniformly in all directions.

This intumescent – in other words foaming – material builds an insulating protective layer in the form of a fire-resistant and pressure-resistant foam that closes all cable openings. The spread of fire from one side of a control cabinet to the other is prevented or delayed: fire and smoke cannot be car-ried through the cable entries into an adjacent room.

In addition to the railway sector, applications for Murrplastik fire protection plates can be found in industry, shipbuilding, and in building technologies.

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